Architecture of technology


Professor Wacław Żeńczykowski and undone reform of Poland’s housing industry, “Civil and Environmental Engineering Reports,” Vol. 6 (2011): 181-190.

Conference papers

Finnish houses for Polish miners: importing ideas on functional homes with prefabricated buildings in the mid-20th century (with Timo Myllyntaus), a paper at the ICOHTEC Annual Meeting ‘Technology, the Arts & Industrial Culture’, Barcelona, Spain, July 2012

Good ideas from bad guys: Polish Engineers and American Housing Technology, a paper at the SHOT Annual Meeting ’50: Looking Beyond’, Lisbon, Portugal, October 2008.

A glimpse behind the curtain: Polish perspectives on the American housing industry in the 1950s, a paper at the International Congress of History of Science and Technology ‘Ideas and instruments in social context’, Budapest, Hungary, August 2009.

Who immersed the tunnel: the early 19th century pioneers of modern technology, a paper at the ICOHTEC Annual Meeting ‘Transforming Economies and Civilizations: the Role of Technology’, Leicester, UK, August 2006.